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So how was your day? ---- It was okay..

It all began today, which did not feel much like a Friday. I felt that in my heart I knew the reason to why it felt so. The previous day I made no effort in going to class, most of this week was filled with similar episodes. Although I had a reason for not attending there was feelings of guilt that existed deep within me. However, I enjoyed this entire day, I don’t know the reason why. But I suppose the fact that I had not expected much at all out of this day contributed to the enjoyment.

I discovered today of a male, that deemed my admiration in the past; had joined the army. I found myself truly shocked of this news, considering it has been quite sometime since I had last heard of his accomplishments, let alone his name linger amongst the tongues of my fellow classmates. Though, I am no longer obsessed nor do I have any more feelings for this man. Words-- “He shaved his head” from my colleague and news barrier rang in my head for the rest of the day’s periods.

The news did not upset me, nor did it have any emotional impact on myself. I had thought to myself and at lunch: Why ever would he do such thing? I suppose one possibility would be the attained attention from his peers. Somehow I cannot convince myself to believe that he wanted this.

At the end of school I found myself debating weather or not I should spend the rest of Friday with my boyfriend, Harry. It was a sunny Friday mid-afternoon when I got out of school, the familiar warmth that reminded me much of my previous summers. A rush of memories and liveliness of my summers was earlier brought up during art class. There was a presentation, followed by a movie. The movie featured a fellow classmate of mine, Christian who had over the summer gotten involved with a group that was painting a mural near the Lakeshore and Mimico area. I was envious to see what a well summer he had spent painting. But I could almost sympathize the feelings of free time and the beautiful summer humidity. I knew when the room started to break out into small chit chatter that everyone there could relate to the same feeling. It annoyed me greatly that these self-fish bastards would think only of themselves, and disrupted those around just so people could hear their personal stories. (C.A)

The Bus ride home was different, but I remember it just like any other Friday after school, when it still used to be a tradition of mine to be home on Fridays. It has occurred to me that I don’t go straight home after school anymore, but spend it with others. I have truly forgotten what it is to be like in a bus filled with people that all have one similar destination: Home.

When I got off the bus, I noticed the sky had begun to change and the warmth, which the day had once provided, had begun to fade. –So’s the Sun, but that was the last thing on my mind.



March 2008

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